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Now, the 4th generation Blockchain that we will meet, will not just stop in waiting for technological development and future value increases
it is a structure that can be used immediately by solving the problem of application of the actual project and that enables participants to share their profits immediately

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Project information

vexx project is a 4th generation revenue extend type platform based on Blockchain.

The vexx platform enables the immediate sharing of revenue by platform participants through proven, high-return businesses as well as long-term revenues such as technological benefits and value increases in the next world, and the continued expansion of our strategic business results in continued revenue increases for vexx platform participants and a spontaneous increase in coin value.

Anonymous global Allpay card automatic issuance for Allpay member only

At the same time as joining the Allpay member, the anonymous global Allpay card is issued, and in Vietnam market where it has about 15% of bankbook transaction rate and about 5% of card issuance rates, you will be able to enjoy the pride financial service and convenience of Allpay member only. The global Allpay card can be used conveniently in anywhere in the world within the Allpay balance limitation, and you can manage the balance through Allpay charging from time to time.

How it works

Structure of VEXXCoin

VEXX Coin & Allpay

Platform uses 2 types of coins which are VEXXCoin (value Exchange Coin) and Allpay (Value Exchange Pay). Allpay is a sub concept within the platform to complement the structural weaknesses of all coins & broad service area of VEXX platform, and is a Fin Tech solution currency among the VEXX platform’s business area. In general, it is used for VEXX platform’s Fin Tech solution with the main purpose of currency value stabilization due to the characteristics of crypto-currency which has wide range of value fluctuation.

The concept of Allpay is used in the case of international remittances that provide optimal service even under low financial infrastructure through the decentralized technology of blockchains and the nature of finances that require the preservation of fixed value, and VEXXCoin and Allpay is interlink utilized within platform applications.

VEXX platform technology information summary

  • Technology, speed

    Unlike the Bitcoin that produces one block in every 10 minute, VEXXCoin is more quickly confirmed as it produces on block in every 2.5 minute. Representative Litecoin based on Scrypt have introduced Segregated Witness(Segwit) 3 months ahead of Bitcoin, and have developed path for this technology. This technology can be said it is very important as it increases the speed of Bitcoin and Litecoin, and reduces the transaction fee.
  • Parameters(Elliptic curve parameters)

    Similar to ECDSA of Bitcoin, it is based on elliptic curve logarithm problem, and the method of VEXXCoin can be applied to the future Bitcoin.
  • Transaction structure

    Transaction output is possible and it can be sent to other address by signing with responding personal key. The difference with the Bitcoin is that when the user has unique personal key and open key, the sender may produce 1 time open key based on recipients address and random data. In this method, the transaction to same recipients is made up with 1 time open key. It is not immediately sent to certain address, and only the appropriate recipient may receive the fund by recovering the personal key part. The recipient may consume the fund using the ring signature, and can maintain the anonymity by keeping the ownership.
  • Transaction process

    A. Bob opens the standard address, and Alice tries to send the crypto-currency to Bob. Alice analizes the address and gets the open key of Bob. (A,B) B. Alice makes random r(One of 1,-2), and calculates 1 time open key. Open key P = Hs(rA)G + B. Alice uses P as destination key for output and interprets R value. R=rG(a part of Diffie-Hellman exchange) you can also make other output using another open key. D. Alice transmits transaction. E. Bob checks the transaction using the personal key(a.b), and calculates the contents of P0 = Hs(aR)G + B. If it is Alice and Bob’s transaction, aR = arG = rA and P’ = P. F. Bob may obtain corresponding 1 time personal key. x = Hs(aR) + b. Therefore, it becomes P = xG, and by signing as x, the output can be transmitted when desired.

VEXX platform organization chart

VEXX global infrastructure

We provide convenience with the realization of multinational service that overcame the regional limitation such as Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Russia and others with the integrated platform that expands with the start of Crypto-currency, Fin Tech, and mobile game using VEXX Blockchain, and we share the immediate revenue with platform participants that possesses VEXXCoin.